Photo Session with this little bundle of wonderful!


      Three weeks ago I had the warm, fuzzy, goofy pleasure of meeting my brand new first baby niece and I am in love!

      This little treasure barely even squeaks! She just sleeps and stares at you like she’s reading your face. Occasionally she has a short lived grumble but on the most part she’s a great sleeper, a good feeder and has all the love in the world wrapped up inside her!

      So, obviously, I had to photograph her in her ‘full flash of black hair’ glory!

      I visited the family in the Brecon Beacons, Wales and set up my little studio! I collected up all my favourite props including and old vintage suitcase and a little lamb costume (because it’s Wales, obvs) and got her off to sleep. She stirred a few times but I had no problem cwtching her into me and dancing her to sleep to Jack Johnson. I can’t get away with this with other peoples babies, but I was allowed with this lil one! And I made the most of it!