Yesterday I met the adorable and very spirited little Eden. Together with Mum and Dad we went for a wander around Southampton Common in the gorgeous sunshine. Eden is the kind of three year old that knows her own mind well so you don’t even bother arguing with her, which kinda reminds me of how my mum used to describe me!! So basically…my spirit animal! We hit it off right away with a big hello from me, which was then rewarded with a handful of fuchsia flowers that Eden had collected from the ground. I knew right away, we’d be friends!

      We had a wonderful time and I got some lovely shots of the three. Eden is such a loving and cuddly little one that it was easy work. I had a few toys to play with including a doggy on a stick that soon became her favourite!! When Amy, Edens Mum, explained that she couldn’t take him home with her because he had to come home with me, Eden quickly exclaimed that she wanted to come visit me at my house……I was under no illusions about who she really wanted to come visit 😀

      This little one is chock full of character and here’s a few edits from our lovely walk on the common…