Steph and Paul brought six month old little Teddy Bear along to my home studio to make the most of my recent photography package special offer. I was all set up and ready to go on their arrival and so could really make a fuss of bubs when they arrived. This is so important as it’s the first impression the little ones have of you and it begins to create the connection so they feel at ease.

      Teddy’s happy nature and lovely sweet temperament is testament to how great these two are as parents. He was at ease with me right away and is such a smiley, happy chap! And those eyes!! Melt!

      When he was in the womb the cord became wrapped around his tiny, growing arm and the scans missed it so he was born with his arm missing below the elbow. But this little guy doesn’t let it stop him from doing anything! Steph and Paul have come to terms with the initial shock and know that this won’t let it stop him from achieving anything he wants to. Steph mentioned that she’d like to submit the images to a child modelling agency that specialises in children with this kind of uniqueness. She wants to really celebrate the beauty of her little one and knows how perfect he is, just as he is. Here’s some of the images from the session…


      Hi, such amazing photos… Teddy is a beautiful little boy, I fell in love with him the first time I saw him when he was a few weeks old… but I’m a bit biased…I’m Stephanie’s godmother…she was a beautiful baby & has grown into a beautiful young woman… they really are fantastic photos!! Well done!! xx

      Nawr she really has and they are such great parents. Teddy is a testament to that, such a lovely little man and so fab to photograph!